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[10 Apr 2020|12:20pm]
ignore the journal for the moment, but i'm looking to pick up a few psls to distract from everything that's going on in the world (aren't we all?) and i'd really love to find the following:

a liz for my max (roswell: new mexico)
an alex for my michael (roswell: new mexico)
a clary or alec for my jace (shadowhunters)
a stiles for my lydia (teen wolf)
a richie for my eddie (IT 2017/2019)
a jay for my erin (chicago pd)
anybody for my wade wilson, wanda maxmioff, or peter parker (deadpool & mcu verse)
and the longest of long shots but anything at all from the a court of thorns and roses book series by sarah j maas

completely open to crossovers, aus, and ocs in any of these worlds as well

[10 Apr 2020|09:11am]


looking for something (het/femme) for Screwball from marvel comics. i'd love to bring her into the MCU and/or i'd love someone to play Jester to go along with her. Jester can be genderbent as well!

any ideas you have throw them at me, quarantine sucks

Rose McIver [10 Apr 2020|03:18pm]



Set: Rose McIver: 200
Details: Female : White : White/Blonde : Blue : 20s
Character Suggestions: Liv Moore | iZombie
Link: LINK

Grace Phipps [09 Apr 2020|08:36pm]


image host
Set: Grace Phipps +81
Tags: f: white: brown: 10s/20s
Link: here @ dw

Maia Mitchell [09 Apr 2020|08:31pm]


image host
Set: Maia Mitchell +136
Tags: f: white: brown: 10s/20s
Link: here @ dw

[09 Apr 2020|05:12pm]


looking for a het psl for jason todd if there's anyone interested. open to all dc, and possibly some marvel cross overs! comments screened for privacy.

[09 Apr 2020|05:01pm]


I’m looking for a few lines that focus on spy shenanigans. Right now I’d prefer if things leaned more lighthearted and zany in nature rather than dark, with plenty of adventure and banter. I do write James Bond (as well as a genderbent version of Bond), but I am also open to coming up with an original line against another spy, civilian, or other OC. Period pieces could be delightful, although I’m also open to modern-day settings and incorporating elements of other espionage franchises. Including secondary characters as needed for plot purposes is love. If interested please feel free to drop a comment below or in the journal. I play either via journals or GDocs.

[09 Apr 2020|02:37pm]


obi-wan kenobi, ahsoka tano, or padmé amidala for a clones war/ post clone wars era line?

ALISON PILL. [09 Apr 2020|07:29pm]



Set: Alison Pill (Star Trek: Picard) : 365
Details: Female : White : Blonde : Hazel : 30s
Link: LINK

ALISON PILL ( 365 • STAR TREK: PICARD • SEASON ONE ) [09 Apr 2020|07:19pm]



[09 Apr 2020|01:37pm]


I need something to keep me entertained during quarantine. Could I get some lines for my Peter Parker please? Slash and het friendly.

[09 Apr 2020|06:48pm]


please forgive the complete lack of a credible character journal.

the haymitch to my effie, or any of her kiddos for gen lines
something anything for this genderbent penguin [gen/het/femme]
amy pond, clara oswald, or an oc for either the tenth or eleventh doctor
alternatively, lydia martin for a crossover with ten
severus snape or remus lupin for my aurora sinistra
cersei, dany, or sansa for my jaime lannister
petyr for my sansa

tell me what you want for your oswald's and ed's from gotham.

[09 Apr 2020|02:51am]


I've got a young Remus Lupin, and I'd love a Sirius Black or Severus Snape for him to get him out of his shell and find out there's more to the world than books and controlling the wolf inside him. First War, ideally, and open to all sorts of AUs.

[08 Apr 2020|11:53pm]


i know this is such a lame thing to complain about right now, but i continue to feel disappointed because it just seems like i'm always going to have to settle for playing the male in a line just so i can rp.

[08 Apr 2020|04:43pm]


[info]goagain More Marvel folks for Loki to pester. Maybe even a Thor?

[08 Apr 2020|04:16pm]


putting tentative feelers out there on the offchance anybody likeminded is around.

Writer of some 20 years (I’m 39/F) that still enjoys the creativity of writing back and forth with a dedicated partner. Currently looking for someone to explore the Resident Evil world with. Preferably someone that wants to plot out an actual story and write ‘chapters’ together. Most themes welcome including mature, we can talk about limits etc.

I prefer playing Leon Kennedy, have written him several years in both fanfics and with other RP partners, however if you would prefer to play him I can manage an Ada/Jill opposite (I'm not very good at Claire). Also open to being a Carlos as the new remake peaked my interest in him and fleshing him out.

Anyway.. if you’re out there, drop me a message!

[08 Apr 2020|10:14am]


Seeking Star Trek Picard and Discovery based lines. Ships, etc. in the journal. I'd like to get something off the ground!

[07 Apr 2020|11:13pm]


I feel so bad for not being more engaged in things lately. I want to do things but I've got so little energy.

[07 Apr 2020|01:34pm]


Probably giving up on trying to find her other half, so I'll just be grateful for some friendships. Emma Swan, Regina Mills, Ruby Lucas. Anyone from Once Upon a Time please. [info]boltonlake

JERI RYAN. [07 Apr 2020|04:27pm]



Set: Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Picard) : 157
Details: Female : White : Blonde : Green : 50s
Link: LINK

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